Reserve a computer


  • Computer use is free for all library customers. 
  • Most sessions are 60 minutes. This time can be extended if a computer is available. 
  • Library members can log on using their library barcode number and PIN. Please ask a staff member if you do not know your PIN. 
  • If you're not a member, please bring photo ID and we can give you guest access to the public computers.
  • Please note: For security and privacy reasons, our computers do not keep copies of documents and other files after a session has ended or in the event of a computer/power outage. We encourage all computer users to regularly save their work to a USB. Please ask staff for help if needed.  
  • You can reserve a computer using the online booking module below. A booked computer is only held for 10 minutes after the time the session was supposed to commence. After this, the booking will be cancelled.



  • WiFi is available and free at all of our libraries. Please ask our staff if you need a hand connecting your device. 




Book online

Step 1.Go to the online booking module for the branch you with to book a computer

Step 2.Choose 'computers'

Step 3.Enter your membership barcode and PIN 

Step 4.Select 'future next available'

Step 5.Choose a date and time

Step 6.Click 'continue'

Step 7.Check your booking details are correct

Step 8.Click 'confirm'

Repeat for additional bookings.  

Cancel a booking

Step 1.Go to the online booking module for the branch where the booking is held

Step 2.Choose 'Manage my reservations'

Step 3.Enter your membership barcode and PIN

Step 4.Click the 'actions' button

Step 5.Choose 'delete'

Step 6.Confirm by clicking 'yes'