Annual Business Plan 2022-23

Annual Business Plan 2022-23

Our Annual Business Plan and Budget 2022–23 sets out what we will deliver in the next financial year, and how it will be funded. It focuses on delivering the key activities our community expect, upgrading and maintaining existing infrastructure and reducing debt so we return to a balanced budget within three years.

Council has budgeted to spend $218.16 million in 2022–23 and will deliver a wide range of programs and services across 88 categories that will keep our city thriving. Please refer to the plan for further details.

The total rate revenue increase for 2022–23 is 4.7 per cent in line with CPI.

Council’s budgeted debt is $128.2 million, which is below the debt ceiling set out in the Long Term Financial Plan.

The Annual Business Plan and Budget for 2022–23 was approved by Council on 5 July 2022 following engagement with the community, and is available to download along with the snapshot and summary rates brochure below:

Annual Business Plan 2022-23 (Final adopted by council 5 July 2022)(PDF, 19MB)

Annual Business Plan Snapshot 2022-23(PDF, 691KB)

Annual Business Plan 2022-23 Summary rates brochure(PDF, 2MB)

Annual Business Plan 2022-23 (Draft version)(PDF, 26MB)