Nature Conservation

We value our native vegetation for the important roles it plays in the landscape. It provides much more than habitat for native wildlife. Our natural ecosystems regulate stormwater runoff, provide clean air, healthy soils and support plant pollination. They are also a place for recreation, education, tourism, relaxation and sometimes spiritual connections.

In our city, like most of the Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges region, native vegetation has been cleared for agriculture, industry, roads, railways, ports and towns. Only 9% of our original native vegetation has survived. This makes it even more important to protect what is left.

Our remaining natural areas are home to a wide range of native plants and provide important habitat for native wildlife or just a safe place for them to find shelter while they travel from place to place.

To find out where you can see some native vegetation and the work happening there, check out the Urban Creek Recovery Project map and Biodiversity Restoration map