Do I need Development Approval?

South Australia's Planning and Design Code states in most cases, that council approval is required before development can be undertaken.

This means that:

  • any construction, alteration, addition to or demolition of a building, structure or certain trees,

  • a change in current use of land, or

  • anything that modifies a state or local heritage item

requires development approval.

For more information visit Plan SA's website

Minor development

Development such as low fences, small sheds or open pergolas may not require approval - please use the following links or contact council's Development Support team on 8384 0666 for more information.

State Government's Approval Wizard provides a guide for minor development - Find out if you need approval

Home based businesses

It is possible for a person to run a small-scale business from residential premises in some circumstances and only under strict conditions.

Please see council’s Home Activities and Home Based Businesses fact sheet(PDF, 134KB)