Prepare Respond Recover

Communities are best placed to decide how they will prepare, respond and recover from disasters.

Local government is best placed to support community-based emergency management. As the level of government ‘on the ground’ and closest to the community, we can:

  • help communities to plan and act.
  • be the conduit between the community and other government and non-government services.

How is council helping prepare our community for an emergency event?

Council has two key projects that are helping our community prepare for an emergency. 

Together these projects are:

  • helping communities to form Community-led Disaster Resilience (CDR) groups to plan local recovery efforts
  • providing resourcing and education for CDR's and their communities
  • gaining a better understanding of bushfire risk and other emergencies in our area
  • increasing fire prevention and vegetation reduction activities
  • partnering with other councils and organisations

How you, as a resident, can prepare for an emergency event

  • Write down your emergency plan to make it clear in your mind
  • Talk through your plan with family, include kids and young people
  • Do a practice run of your plan
  • Learn about your local disaster risk
  • Represent your neighbourhood by joining a Community-led Disaster Resilience group