Disaster Ready

What's your disaster risk? Do you even know?

Communities are best placed to decide how they will prepare, respond and recover from disasters.

Local government is best placed to support community-based emergency management. As the level of government ‘on the ground’ and closest to the community, we can:

  • help communities to plan and act.
  • be the conduit between the community and other government and non-government services.

How is council helping prepare our community for an emergency event?

Council has two key projects that are helping our community prepare for an emergency. 

Together these projects are:

  • helping communities to form CDR's to plan local recovery efforts
  • providing resourcing and education for CDR's and their communities
  • gaining a better understanding of bushfire risk and other emergencies in our area
  • increasing fire prevention and vegetation reduction activities
  • partnering with other councils and organisations


What is a CDR group?

A group of community members who together identify and take local actions for better local recovery.

In 2019 the Australian Red Cross and council piloted the first Community-led disaster resilience (CDR) project in Kangarilla.  

In 2022 three more CDR's began- Cherry Gardens Ironbank Recreation ground; Clarendon and Seaford-Moana.

Who supports CDR projects?

Local community members who want themselves, their families and neighbourhoods to recover well after an emergency.

A Community Connections Officer who helps guide the process and connect partners.

Australian Red Cross run a workshop series. This helps the CDR group to map strengths and local knowledge to come up with a plan for their community.

Where are the CDR groups?

Currently there are four established CDR’s:

  • Clarendon
  • Cherry Gardens / Ironbank / Coromandel East/Valley
  • Kangarilla
  • Seaford / Moana

Want to help your neighbourhood Prepare to Recover?

CDR groups welcome new members. You can be a part of helping your neighbourhood prepare for emergencies.

To connect with your local CDR group, or for more information use the buttons below

OR contact Priah Dean - Community Connections Officer (Resilience) on 0414 289 271.


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