Council elections

1. Overview

2024 Supplementary Election

A casual vacancy has occurred in the Pimpala ward due to the resignation of Councillor Kevin Rilett.

A supplementary election will be held to fill the vacant Pimpala Ward Councillor position. 

2024 Supplementary Election Timetable

  • Roll Close - 5pm, Thursday 29 February 2024
  • Nominations Open – Thursday 4 April 2024
  • Nominations Close - 12noon, Thursday 18 April 2024
  • Mail out of voting materials – Tuesday 7 May 2024 – Monday 13 May 2024
  • Close of voting – 12 noon, Monday 3 June 2024
  • Scrutiny and Count – From 9am, Tuesday 4 June 2024



Nominations for the 2024 Supplementary election have now closed.

The following nominations have been accepted by the Electoral Commission of SA. The list of candidates are displayed in ballot draw order.

  • Simon MCMAHON
  • Rob DE JONGE
  • Mark NIELSEN
  • Alexander SIMATOS
  • Sofia PIVNIK
  • Michael John O’BRIEN
  • Krystal RAYMOND
  • Danika Rose BROWN
  • Deepak KUMAR
  • Dominic CAVAIUOLO
  • Kim DAVIS

Information on all candidates including photographs and statements will be available on the Electoral Commission of South Australia website.


Pimpala Ward Map(PDF, 528KB)

Councils are part of the democratic framework of Australia. The community elects their council members every four years. The next periodic Council Election will happen in November 2026.


2. Vote

Get involved and make a difference, councils have a far greater influence on communities than most people appreciate.

Voting in Council elections is done by post.

Voting Packs

Voting packs will be mailed out to residents in Pimpala ward from Tuesday 7 May 2024 to Monday 13 May 2024.

To find out which ward you live in, place your address in our citywide interactive map.

If you are on the state (House of Assembly) electoral roll or have completed an enrolment to join the supplementary roll, you will receive a voting pack in the mail from the Electoral Commission SA.

Voting packs contain

  • A ballot paper
  • Candidate profiles
  • A ballot paper envelope
  • A postal voting guide

You can see all of the candidate nominees on the Electoral Commission of South Australia website.

Returning Voting Packs

Voting packs include a reply-paid envelope which can be returned to any Australia Post box.  Complete your ballot paper and mail it in the reply paid envelope to ensure it is received by the Electoral Commission of SA before close of voting at 12 noon, Monday 3 June 2024.

Get involved and make a difference. Local democracy is an important feature of life in Australia, and councils have a far greater influence on communities than most people appreciate.

Refer to the Electoral Commission SA website for further information on voting in Council elections.

Voting systems

All Council elections are conducted using the counting system known as proportional representation. For further information refer to the Electoral Commission SA website here



3. Nominate for Council

Nominations for the position of councillor in the Pimpala Ward are now closed.

Are you thinking of nominating to be a councillor?

Becoming a councillor is one of the most direct ways that you can influence decisions that affect the quality of life in your local area.

Nominating to become a member of Council is an important decision. Performing in this role will involve working long hours and on occasions, being required to deal with pressures generated by the community in regard to issues of concern to them.

However, there is also the personal satisfaction that you will gain from playing an important part in developing a better community for the future.

New Council members need to be prepared to learn a lot, very fast, nevertheless, it is a rewarding role and well worth considering and you can be assured that other Council members and staff will help.

Nomination process

Visit the Electoral Commission SA website to learn more about nominating for council.

Nominations were open between Thursday 4 April and close at 12 noon on Thursday 18 April 2024.

Who can nominate

Most people who are on the Council voters roll can stand for election.

Refer to the Electoral Commission SA website for eligibility criteria.

Electoral material

Candidates for election under the Local Government (Elections) Act 1999 (the Act) should be aware of various provisions of the Act which may lead to criminal prosecution if breached.

Note that sections 27 and 28 of the act apply for all election material distributed from the day a person publicly announces their intention to nominate as a candidate for election.

There have been recent changes to the type of election materials permitted for use during campaigning, mainly the use of corflutes. Please see the Local government election signage information sheet(PDF, 124KB)  for further information.

Candidate Information Kit


4. Ward maps 

To find out which ward you live in, view the city wide interactive and individual ward maps.