Our city is blessed with wonderful natural landscapes such as our coastline, hills and our creeks and river systems. These are wonderful natural assets to which we have established and are continuing to develop a significant network of recreational trails.

These online maps are of our constructed shared use path network of recreational trails. The maps are designed to provide you basic information in relation to trail name, location and alignment, level of difficulty and trail length. Key recreational destinations such as playgrounds, skate parks, reserves and connecting trails are also identified on the maps. 

We encourage you to print any of the maps listed and explore your own backyard. Trails provide a great opportunity to exercise, meet people and use as an alternative to motorised transport. Travel the whole length or create your own trail loops by using the connected trails that link off of the featured trail.

When using these trails please consider the following safety advice which is provided as a guide:

  • Always wear a helmet when cycling or horse riding.
  • Avoid using these trails during periods of extreme temperature or weather conditions.
  • Use sunscreen and wear a broad brim hat to avoid sun damage.
  • Consider other users of the trail and local residents.
  • It is good practice to carry drinking water at all times.
  • Please do not litter and clean up after your pets.
  • Observe all Australian road rules and cross roads safely using pedestrian crossings where available.

We strongly encourage you to consider the fire danger rating for the day, prior to using any of the trails within our city.

Our shared use paths are built to Australian Standard and while they are generally suitable for wheelchair users and others with special mobility needs, sections may not be owing to the grade or surface of the path. They may therefore not be accessible throughout the entire length of the trail.


The City of Onkaparinga shall not be responsible for any loss, damage, expense or personal injury disputed due to loss to or arising out of, (directly or indirectly) which may be sustained by the individual by reason of any neglect, omission or failure on the part of the City of Onkaparinga, or their servants, agents or employees resulting in using these recreational trails. Due to the scale of some maps, the actual trail alignment may vary slightly in situ from that indicated on the map provided. Trail surface material type and condition may also vary due to surface material type used in construction and level of use of the trail.

To report any damage or hazards please contact City of Onkaparinga on 8384 0666.

Call 000 Emergency Police, Ambulance or Fire or call 112 from mobile phone.