Onkaparinga River (Ngankipari) mouth

The name Onkaparinga comes from the traditional Aboriginal place name Ngankiparinga, meaning “women’s river place”.

We acknowledge the Kaurna Nation and its people as the Traditional Owners and custodians of the land in the area now known as the City of Onkaparinga.

We recognise that the Kaurna living culture has developed over tens of thousands of years and that in today’s contemporary context, Kaurna and other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples (hereon referred to as First Nations peoples) are actively engaged in community life and bring their rich cultural heritage to the strong, vibrant communities we strive for.

We remember Kaurna people’s spiritual relationship with country when we make decisions about our region and that the protection of places of importance to Kaurna culture has an impact on the wellbeing and prosperity of Kaurna and other First Nations people.

We recognise our leadership responsibility to First Nations communities, local businesses and service agencies by actively engaging in a shared journey towards reconciliation.