Club leaseholders


This page is designed to help our clubs who lease a council owned facility. 

If you have any questions regarding your Council lease, you can contact Customer Relations on 8384 0666.


If your club has a building emergency, please contact us as soon as possible.

Monday - Friday 8.30am-5pm
Contact Customer Relations on 8384 0666.

Contact our afterhours support number 8384 0622.

How to provide your annual leaseholder information. 

This process take less than 5 minutes to complete.

If you are a leaseholder, there are certain things you need to let us know. Please have this information ready:

  • Your updated committee contact details (President & Secretary)
  • A copy of your Public Liability Insurance ($20 million)
  • The number of members and players you have
  • Complete our online governance checklist

Provide your annual leaseholder information

How to update your clubs contact details

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the log in button > enter your clubs email address and password
    (If you do not know the email address used by your club to register, please contact our Sport Development Team on 8384 0666)
  3. In the top right of the screen, click on your name
  4. Select Contact Profile
  5. You can then update the required fields as needed. 
  6. Scroll to the bottom and press Save


The council is responsible for all maintenance, minor internal and external, and all major external maintenance, but is not responsible for cleaning.

When a maintenance issue arises, clubs ae asked not to contact officers directly regardless of whether major or minor, internal or external.

All jobs are required to be logged in Council’s maintenance data base. Usually this occurs using our online request for building maintenance on a sporting club or by the leaseholder calling Customer Relations on 8384 0666 and lodging a Customer Request for the building.

The council also identifies maintenance works as part of our regular internal maintenance inspections.

Minor maintenance is generally actioned within 1 to 2 weeks (sooner if urgent) whereas major maintenance is likely to be more involved, at times requiring input from Council’s asset planners.

For any urgent issues, such as sewerage leaks or trip hazards, please call Customer Relations on 8384 0666 during work hours or 8384 0622 after hours, asap. 

For graffiti removal on council buildings, please go to our graffiti page.

Log a building maintenance request

Landowner consent

If you Lease or Licence a Council facility and wish to make any alterations or undertake any works on the premises, you will first need to obtain Landowner Consent using the on-line application.

Find out more about Land Owner Consent