Library of Things

Illustration saying Library of things - why buy when you can borrow?

We're expanding our library services to promote sustainability, reduce waste, and encourage resource sharing within the community.

Have you ever needed equipment for a one-off home project or wanted to try an item before you buy it?

The Library of Things is available at Woodcroft Library.

The Library of Things encourages sustainable living and promotes a circular economy by providing access to popular products that may be needed for one-off jobs but are rarely used afterwards.

We have a significant number of 'things' in our collection that includes baking and party items, outdoor and camping gear, energy monitoring equipment and assisted living items – so you’ll be able to borrow anything from a chocolate fountain to pond dipping nets!

Through using your library card you will be able to borrow up to four 'things' for free for a two week period. All items will need to be borrowed and returned to Woodcroft Library during opening hours.

You are not able to reserve items as we want as many people as possible to enjoy the collection - so you'll need to come and have a browse.

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What is a Library of Things?

A Library of Things is a place where community members can save money by borrowing popular items that are needed only once or occasionally, such as camping gear and party and baking items.

Where will the Library of Things be located?

The Library of Things will be located at Woodcroft Library.

You can find the Library within Woodcroft Community Centre at 175 Bains Rd, Morphett Vale. 

The Centre is also our northern green hub demonstration site that showcases the type of building upgrades and systems that residents and businesses can put in place to reduce energy and water consumption, waste to landfill and greenhouse gas emissions.  

Who can borrow a 'thing'?

Libraries SA members aged 18 years and over can borrow items from the Library of Things. All items must be borrowed and returned to Woodcroft Library.

To become a library member bring photo ID with your current address to any of our libraries - membership is free.

How do I borrow a 'thing'?

The Library of Things is planned to be available from 8 February 2024.

Items in the Library of Things will be browsable via the library catalogue.

All borrowed items must be returned to the Woodcroft Library during opening hours. Library of Things items cannot be returned through the after-hours returns chute.

How have you chosen the 'things'?

Our friends at the Aberfoyle Repair Cafe are planning to create a Tool Library - this will complement our Library of Things as it will also be around the northern part of the Onkaparinga region.

As part of their preparation they surveyed the local community to ask for feedback on the type of items that local residents would be keen to borrow. We used their survey results to create our shopping list of 'things'.

To ensure that we don't double up on what's offered locally we won't be including hand or power tools in our collection at this time.

Suggestions for items are welcome - this will also form part of the evaluation process due after year one of the Library of Things,  when we'll reach out to our community to ask for feedback and any ideas on other useful 'things' to include in the collection. 

Can I donate an item for the collection?

Donations will be considered on a case-by-case basis, so please chat to a staff member at Woodcroft Library. Electrical items will not be accepted as a donation.

Why do we need a Library of Things?

The Library of Things aims to foster the circular economy and reduce excessive consumption and accumulation of objects that aren’t regularly used.

This initiative is an action in Onkaparinga’s Climate Change Response Plan 2022-2027. It expands Onkaparinga’s library services beyond providing access to traditional items, such as books. It also and adds value to our sports and toy library collections by providing other useful objects such as equipment or appliances to either try before you buy, or use for a short time to complete a specific task.

A circular economy is not simply about managing materials and waste in the most sustainable way, but also how we purchase goods to maximize their lifespan, as well as providing opportunities to reuse and share them.

The Library of Things supports the sharing economy in Onkaparinga and reduces the carbon impact from product consumption. It is a partnership between Onkaparinga Libraries and Sustainable Onkaparinga.