Green organics drop-off

Each rateable residential property is entitled to access the green organics drop-off service, even if you are renting the property.

You will be issued a code, called a voucher, when you buy tokens for dropping off material.

Each token you purchase allows you to dispose of one cubic metre of bulky green organic material (equivalent to a standard 6x4 trailer). These materials can be dropped off during the first week of each month at All Bulk Waste in Lonsdale.

Vouchers purchased before the end of June 2024 will be deactivated at 3pm on Sunday 30 June 2024.

Vouchers purchased from 1 July 2024 will expire one year from date of issue.

Voucher requests are processed within 2 business days and sent by SMS or email. Please make sure to record or keep your voucher code/s in a safe place to take with you when dropping off organics.

Purchase tokens online

Or call our Customer Relations team on 8384 0666.

Terms and conditions

  1. The drop-off service is available exclusively to residents of the City of Onkaparinga.

  2. The voucher codes issued are for the disposal of bulky organic waste from the designated property only.

  3. Vouchers must be used by the registered pass holder and are non-transferable. They cannot be used by a third party.

  4. Residents can purchase a maximum of 15 tokens within any 12-month period. Each purchase will generate a new voucher code.

  5. Vouchers will expire 12 months after issue.

  6. No refunds will be provided for unused tokens.

  7. There are no alternative drop-off times, and you must present your voucher code to access the service.

  8. Acceptable materials:
    Green organics are recycled into mulch and compost products and guidelines apply to the type of material accepted to ensure the green organics is of high quality for recycling. Any materials other than green vegetation will not be accepted as part of this service.
    • Only garden organics such as grass clippings, weeds, leaves, plant & tree prunings and branches (no thicker than 15cm) are accepted.
    • All waste must be free of contaminants such as plastic, metal, and other non-organic materials.
  9. Unacceptable materials:
    This service does not accept:
    • dirt and soil
    • treated or painted timber
    • building materials
    • food scraps
    • paper and cardboard
    • plastic

    Loads contaminated with these items will be refused.

  10. Any bagged organics must be emptied on-site, and the bags taken away by the resident. If moving outside the council area, the codes can be transferred to the new property owner/resident.

  11. This service is not available for businesses, community groups or sporting clubs.

  12. If a voucher holder moves residence within the City of Onkaparinga, they must notify our Customer Service Office so that the vouchers can be reallocated to the new property.

  13. The City of Onkaparinga is not responsible for any accidents, injuries, or damage to vehicles or property occurring at the drop-off site.

  14. Users of the service do so at their own risk.

  15. The City of Onkaparinga reserves the right to modify or discontinue the drop-off service at any time without prior notice.

Locations & drop-off dates

The drop-off location is:

All Bulk Waste
12 Christie Road, Lonsdale

Drop-off is available at this site within the first 7 days of each month (excl. public holidays) between 9am and 2pm.

There are no alternative drop-off times, and you must present your voucher code to access the service.


Why do I have to pay now when it has been free for so long?

To ensure fairness and equity for all ratepayers, the service is now fee-based since only about 4% of households use it. Previously, the service was funded through general rates revenue, meaning all ratepayers shared the cost. Now, only those who use the service will be responsible for covering its expenses.

Why is the Aldinga drop-off location closing?

This drop-off location is planned to close because of a shift to a fee-for-service model. The Aldinga site is not specifically designed for this purpose and depends heavily on large amounts of waste to cover its fixed costs. Currently, it costs over 50% more per trailer to run than using a contractor’s facility.

Our contractor’s facility is specially built for waste services and operates alongside their existing business, so it doesn't depend on high volumes to cover its fixed costs.

 If the Lonsdale location experiences more demand than expected, we will consider making adjustments in the future. We regularly review our waste services to ensure they meet the community's needs efficiently. 

How will I purchase tokens?

Tokens can be purchased through our website, in person at one of our Customer Service offices or call our Customer Relations team on 8384 0666.

How much will each token cost?

Each token will cost $24 and will be valid for 12 months from date of purchase. 

How many tokens can I purchase?

Each household can purchase up to 15 tokens per 12 month period. 

If we have to pay why is there a limit?

The limit aims to balance providing a valuable service to residents while maintaining operational and financial sustainability, and ensuring the system is not replacing a commercial service.

What alternatives are available for disposing of my garden organics?

 When it comes to disposing of garden organics, there are several convenient and eco-friendly alternatives you can consider:

  • Sharing bin capacity: If you frequently have overflow, consider asking your neighbours if they have extra room in their bins.
  • Composting or mulching: Composting or mulching at home is an excellent way to dispose of garden organics while enriching your garden. Subsidies are available for home composting bins.
  • Additional organics bin: These are supplied by council for an annual fee
  • Local waste disposal facility: Take your garden organics directly to a nearby waste management site – fees apply.

What happens if I move house, can I take my unused vouchers with me?

Please advise our Customer Relations team of your change of address so that the voucher/s can be reallocated to your new property, as long as your new residence is within the City of Onkaparinga.

If you are moving outside of the City of Onkaparinga, your remaining tokens can be reallocated to the new owner or resident.

What if I don’t have enough tokens for my load when I arrive at All Bulk Waste?

Please double-check the amount in your trailer before you leave home. If you arrive with excess material, you have two options:

  • Pay All Bulk Waste for the extra material.
  • Leave, obtain additional tokens, and return to dispose of your organics.

Won’t this just increase the instances of illegally dumped organics?

Illegal dumping has been a big problem in our city, the state, and all over Australia. It will keep happening until we all agree it's not okay. Illegal dumping costs everyone money. We ask residents to watch out for illegal dumping and report it to the council, including any details that can help stop this behaviour.