Community Plan 2030

Community Plan 2030

Our Community Plan 2030 outlines our big picture goals - the future we aspire our city to achieve. It sets the focus for our Council, painting a clear picture of the outcomes we want to bring to life which add together to form our vision of strong, vibrant communities.

Our Community Plan 2030 has:

  • one vision describing the aspirations our communities, elected members and staff have for our city
  • four themes that help us to organise our plan
  • eight key result areas that describe broad areas for action
  • sixteen outcomes that describe what we aim to achieve with this plan and what success will look like. Five of these are highlighted for extra attention over the next four years.

We have prepared the Community Plan 2030 in several formats so that you can access it in a way that suits you:

We are committed to delivering the aspirations set in this plan, so our residents, businesses and visitors can continue to enjoy all our region has to offer. Over the next four years, this plan will guide our decision making so we remain on track to deliver its outcomes, particularly the five focus outcomes of priority to elected members.

We will do this through:

  • our strategic plans, which set directions and initiatives on specific topics, aligned to the Community Plan 2030
  • our Strategic Asset Management Plan, Long Term Financial Plan, and Annual Business Plan, which ensure we are sustainably investing in the activities that meet community needs
  • delivering the daily work that allows us to provide the services, programs and projects which support our city to thrive.

For more information about this plan, please contact our Strategic Services team on 8384 0666 or email


Strategic plans

We plan for our city’s future by setting clear, responsive and responsible direction – then doing what we said we’d do to achieve it. We do this through our Community Plan and supporting strategic plans. Each strategic plan looks at a topic important to our city, and defines what we can, should and will do, to support our city’s progress.

We regularly ask for feedback from community members when developing Strategic Plans, so register for Your Say to learn about upcoming opportunities.


The Annual Business Plan and Budget links our Community Plan with the annual budget planning process to ensure that we continue to develop and maintain essential infrastructure services such as roads, bridges and open spaces as well as providing important services including libraries, health, planning and waste collection. 

After a year of immense challenges, this year’s plan and budget is designed to help our community recover and move forward, socially and financially. 

Guided by the Community Plan 2030 and the Long Term Financial Plan (LTFP), which will see us return to a balanced budget within four years while reducing debt, our Annual Business Plan and Budget keeps rates reasonable and improves how we deliver our services.  

The Annual Business Plan and Budget 2021-22 was endorsed by Council on 29 June 2021, following engagement with our community. 

Annual Business Plan 2021-22(PDF, 18MB) 

Annual Business Plan 2021-22 Snapshot(PDF, 425KB)

The City of Onkaparinga own and maintain a diverse asset portfolio, worth approximately $2.9 billion. Our assets include items such as buildings, bridges, roads, paths, parks and reserves, carparks, lighting and much more.

Our Strategic Asset Management Plan (SAMP) is designed to be a document used by our community to understand what assets we own, how they are performing, how our other strategies shape the way we manage our assets, our goals and financial projections. We will be updating this document annually to help provide our community with current and accurate asset information.

The attachment to the SAMP contains our service level statements which details what services we provide for each type of asset.

For further information contact Morgan Ellingham, Manager Assets and Technical Services on 08 8384 0666.

Strategic Asset Management Plan (SAMP)(PDF, 17MB)

SAMP Service Levels(PDF, 535KB)


Role statements

We use the following role statements to guide its decision making and to ensure it stays focused on its areas of responsibility, uses resources efficiently and effectively engages in partnerships with others where necessary. 

Service provider


Council is required by legislation to provide a specific service (e.g. development policy and assessment).


Council is responsible and provides full or majority of the resources for a service (e.g. recreation, sports, arts facilities).


Council contributes minority/part resourcing to a service for which others have responsibility (e.g. major events such as Tour Down Under).


Council provides a service on behalf of others (often with funding) that involves ‘hosting’ or other in-kind use of Council resources (e.g. home and community care programs).

Owner custodian

Council own or manages infrastructure, facilities, reserves and natural areas. This is a supporting role to ‘Service Provider’ and will appear together with one of these provider roles, and has particular public liability responsibilities.


Council will make representations on behalf of the community and seek support from others who are able to apply influence to an issue, or funding/investment/resources to a service, project or area. 

Initiator / Facilitator

Council will bring together or connect stakeholders to pursue an issue, opportunity or shared interest or service and determine appropriate action. 

Information provider / Promoter

Council will provide information or promote opportunities related to community services, events, people and places.


Policy principles

These policy principles underpin all of the decisions made by Council. They guide our strategic planning and action, the design of processes, facilities and services, and the management of our assets.

Putting people first

We place people first through the promotion of leadership, imagination, initiative, learning, trust, participation and service. We focus on the needs and aspirations of people and then shape services, processes, products, places, infrastructure, and facilities, to suit. We build personal safety and promote choices for healthy, active living.

Enabling equity

We value equity, recognising that there are inequalities across our region and in our communities (whether due to history, socioeconomic factors, location, age or culture). We work to address these inequalities so that our communities have equitable access to opportunities and services. We protect the options and aspirations of future generations.

Promoting strengths

We recognise and respect our strengths - protecting and celebrating our natural, cultural, and economic strengths and heritage, and building upon these in developing the region. We aim to increase the integration between social, environmental and economic activities. 

Seeking to understand

We make informed decisions that rely on input from genuine community and stakeholder engagement and the best available knowledge, applied to the Onkaparinga context.

Being resourceful

We are resourceful and live within our limits and means, focusing on possibilities, solutions, adaptations and initiatives that catalyse and add value. We learn from mistakes and use land, energy, resources, infrastructure and facilities efficiently. 

Encouraging investment

We invest in our region – maximising potential for local business, employment and market-based competition. We recognise the strengths of the private, government and non-government sectors working together for community benefit. We pursue sustainable growth, including the ongoing renewal of older areas.

Working strategically towards our vision

We are strategic and apply a systematic approach that sees the bigger picture, understands immediate and longer term implications, anticipates opportunity, manages uncertainty and determines policy to guide activity. Our dealings are transparent and we are accountable for our performance.