Driveway crossover infrastructure responsibility

The City of Onkaparinga is responsible for the care and maintenance of the local public road, kerbing and footpath infrastructure networks.

Property owners are responsible for the construction and ongoing maintenance of driveway crossovers between the kerb and property boundary under the Local Government Act 1999.

All alterations made to kerbing and/or new driveway crossovers shall be approved by council, with all associated costs borne by the property owner/applicant.

An authorisation to alter a public road application form shall be submitted by the property owner/applicant and approved by council prior commence of works.

All driveway crossovers must be constructed in accordance with requirements detailed in the approved authorisation to alter a public road application form and our Technical Services standard civil details, this includes a maximum verge gradient of 2.5% (1 metre in 40 metres) across the existing footpath.  All internal driveway gradients and change in grade transitions are to be in accordance with current Australian Standards AS2890.1 Parking facilities – Off Street car parking.

As part of the development planning process, land division developers can enter into an infrastructure agreement with council to provide driveway crossovers as part of their land division. In all instances the property owner/applicant is required to contact council and gain a formal approval to undertake the proposed works.

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