Alter a public road

This form is required if you plan to:

  • alter the construction or arrangement of the road to facilitate access to/from your property.
  • erect or install a structure (including pipes, wires, cables, fixtures, fittings or other objects) in, on, across, under or over the road (excludes underground electrical work).
  • change or interfere with the construction, arrangement or materials of the road.
  • plant, interefere with or remove a tree or vegetation from the road.

Please note: The Act provides that a road extends from property boundary to property boundary and includes the carriageway, footpaths and verges.

Please allow a minimum of 4 weeks for your request to be considered.

We try to support all requests, however in some instances the proposed use of council land may not be deemed appropriate and therefore may not be approved. l

A separate authorisation may be issued by the City of Onkaparinga if deemed appropriate.

Hard copy

Step 1.Download and complete the application form

Application form(PDF, 728KB)

Step 2.Attach the required documents

  • Evidence of public liability insurance policy certificate of currency to a minimum of $20 million.
  • Plan showing the proposed alteration.
  • Photos of existing infrastructure.

Step 3.Submit the form


Permits and Licences Officer
City of Onkaparinga
PO Box 1
Noarlunga Centre SA 5168