Media response - proposed rate increase 22-23

Published on 03 June 2022

Response to The Advertiser.

  • The journalist requested the average residential rates bill for 21-22 and for 22-23 expressed in dollars, and expressed as a percentage increase.

Our average residential rates in 21-22 were $1579. The proposed 4.7 per cent increase is an additional $74. The average residential rates for 22-23 on this basis would therefore be $1653.

Note: the above is subject to Council adopting the 4.7 per cent rate increase and a final fixed charge amount, and this approach does not account for final revenue adjustments between categories (for changes in the number of rateable properties), non-uniform valuation increases across residential (and other categories) and what the average valuation was in 21-22 compared to 22-23 (23.8 per cent average increase in valuations).