Media response - Port Stanvac tidal gauge

Published on 10 October 2019

Response to The Advertiser.

  • I'm writing a story based on the Onkaparinga submission to Infrastructure SA's 20 year strategy. Are you able to send me some quotes on the significance... about the fact the tidal monitor at Port Stanvac was removed in 2010 and has not been replaced?

Comments attributed to Kirk Richardson, Director City Operations.

The tide gauge at Port Stanvac, designed to monitor sea level changes, was active from 1992 to 2010, and it measured an 85mm rise (an average of 4.7mm per year).

When the gauge was removed to allow Mobil Refining Australia to decommission the oil refinery, the data records for our region became incomplete, and there are now no remaining Sea Level Rise monitoring gauges in South Australia.

Accurate long-term measuring of sea levels is essential to understand the actual rate rise, which is why we included this in our submission regarding the need to consider climate change adaptation and mitigation in SA's infrastructure life cycle.

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has also signalled the importance of the Port Stanvac tide gauge to our understanding of seal level rise on the southern coastline, and its CEO, John Nairne, may be able to provide further comment.

We understand the National Tidal Centre is investigating the reestablishment of the gauge in 2019.

For more information on the Australian Baseline Sea Level Monitoring Project, of which the Port Stanvac tide gauge was a part, visit the BOM website.


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