Media response - mobile food truck vendor, Moana

Published on 10 January 2023

Response to ABC Radio Adelaide.

  • The producer asked for a response to complaints from a mobile food vendor at Moana Beach due to an administrative error.

One of council’s community safety officers did a routine check during one of their patrols this morning to query whether a food truck had a current permit, was set up in the correct location, and wasn’t taking up more than the maximum three car parking spaces during the peak summer period.

During this check, staff realised the registration number had only been provided for the vendor’s food vehicle, but not the trailer (which is also required for approval), and the vehicles were set up in a non-compliant area under a tree. Staff also encountered a message on our online system saying the site was unavailable until 29 January. These issues were relayed to the food vendor.

In investigating the matter further, council staff realised the unavailable message was displaying for all locations due to an administrative error, which was fixed at lunch time today.

We have reached out to the food vendor to apologise for the error, and hope she continues to do a roaring trade alongside one of the state’s best beaches for the rest of the summer.