Media response - COVID-19 infection rate

Published on 27 December 2021

Response to The Advertiser.

  • The journalist enquired about the City of Onkaparinga local government area's relatively low COVID-19 infection rate.

Comments attributed to Mayor Erin Thompson

While it's hard to pinpoint the exact reasons Onkaparinga has experienced a relatively low COVID-19 infection rate, one reason could be our relatively high vaccination rate among our high population, with 87.1 per cent of our residents having received their second dose (to 20 December).

Some of our suburbs - Willunga and Seaford for example - were also among the first to experience cases following the opening of South Australia's borders, which could've made people more aware about their exposure and the ways they've moved about in the community.

Council, too, has taken a genuinely precautionary approach regarding exposure and how we manage our services to keep everyone safe, such as undertaking risk assessments on service delivery, our working from home policy, or our split-teams approach for critical services such as bin collections.