Media response - council electricity prices

Published on 16 December 2022

Response to The Advertiser.

  • I was hoping to get a comment from the CEO about the electricity procurement that is currently underway with the LGAP. The Advertiser understands the initial offer being made to councils was in the order of a 340 per cent price rise. Can the council please comment on how much money it plans to set aside from January 1 to cater for the anticipated rise in electricity bills?

Comments attributed to Acting CEO, Julia Grant

We are not immune from world events and broader economic impacts, and just like all Australians, our council has been impacted with significantly higher electricity costs.

We recognise that managing cost increases and the flow-on impact to the cost of council operations and community impacts will be a challenge to manage as part of our budget processes.

We'll be working through ways to manage the impacts as part of our existing (2022-23) budgets and consider the impacts as we build our 2023-24 budget during the first half of next year.