Media statement - Adjourned meeting of 17/01/23 held on 30/01/23

Published on 30 January 2023

Comments attributed to Mayor Moira Were.

Full meeting minutes, and a video of the council meeting will be available on by Thursday evening 2 February.

Complete agendas and videos for today’s and previous Council meetings can be found here -


I would like to thank the following people who gave presentations and deputation at tonight’s Council meeting:

  • Mark Booth, Chair, Southern Region Waste Resource Authority (SRWRA) regarding the authority’s background and operations
  • Peter Rawlins, Lions Club of Seaford & Districts and Ian Renshaw, Rotary Club of Seaford, both regarding the need for storage sheds
  • Philip Chabrel, Mark Nielsen and Geoff Russell, all regarding climate change and Council’s responsibility.


9.2 Storage shed for Lions Club of Seaford & Districts and Rotary Club of Seaford

OUTCOME – Approved a change in the land management plan to allow for the construction of two sheds and a 10-year lease of the land from Council to each group. This will ensure the ongoing needs of both important community groups can be met.

9.9 Commencement of recruitment for a Chief Executive Officer

OUTCOME – Approved. An Elected Member workshop will be held to develop an ‘ideal candidate profile’ and establish key performance indicators. Recruitment will take 8-12 weeks. The final candidates will attend a meeting of the full Council for their last interviews, with the full Council determining the successful candidate.


10.3 Cr Eaton – clearance of storm debris

A detailed response was provided regarding the storm event in November 2022 that impacted Metropolitan Adelaide. The full response can be found in the meeting agenda.

We anticipate the clean-up of all storm debris will continue until at least the end of March as we work through the backlog and the increased number of requests received due to the event.

Clean up works are being prioritised where trees or branches have fallen on infrastructure, blocked roads or driveways, trees with structural damage needing pruning or removal and where dry debris is deemed a fire risk in high bushfire risk areas.


11.3 Cr Themeliotis – climate change – council’s environmental responsibility

OUTCOME - Climate emergency declared - approved with amendments that council ‘aims’ to achieve net zero by 2040, that council holds an elected member session on climate change and receives advice from other councils.