Sauerbier House Culture Exchange


Current Exhibitions

Hallway Gallery  | 3 February - 3 March 2018

Timothy Casiero Welcome WondermentWelcome Wonderment  |  Timothy Casiero

Welcome Wonderment is a series of woodcut prints that aims to reignite people’s enchantment with the physical world via an excursion through the invisible realms of myth and the supernatural. The gallery will be transported to an otherworldly plane with large prints of uncanny creatures originally displayed on the streets around Adelaide, alongside other works designed to promote a sense of magic and wonder.

Image credit: The Fox, 2017, MDF woodcut relief print with oil-based ink on newsprint, 2000mm x 900mm


Lounge Gallery  |  16 December - 27 January 2018

Table RockTable Rock  |  Henry Jock Walker, Scott Pyle, Kurt Bosecke, Aaron Fell-Fracasso, Barbary O’Brien and contributions from many other rad artists.

An un-comprehensive exhibition of real and imagined South Australian wave riding history. TABLE ROCK will host something in the form of: a surf shop, a board swap meet, outdoor film screenings, a tarp surfing competition and live music.


Image credit : Table Rock, 2017, acrylic on board, dimensions variable

Other upcoming events

Residency Program 2018-19

January – March : Henry Jock Walker and friends

April – June: Laura Wills,  Rebecca McEwen 

July – September:  Alice Blanch,  Neville Cichon

October – December:  Andrew Smith, Tristan Louth-Robins

January – March: Gail Hocking, Rachel Anne Buch

 April – June:  Kristy Darlston, Louise Flaherty

Exhibitions remain for one month after each residency concludes.


[GRAFTd] Exhibitions 2018

February: Timothy Casiero | 3 February – 3 March 2018

May: Simone Kennedy, Ewa Skoczynska. | 4 May – 2 June 2018

August: SALA | 4 August- 8 September

November: Emiko Artemis | 3 November - 8 December 2018