Sauerbier House Culture Exchange


Current Exhibitions

Hallway Gallery  | 23 September - 28 October

Paloma Concierta UnwoundUNWOUND  |  Paloma Concierta

Concierta presents new work in a multi-disciplined exhibition that includes sculpture, photography, installation, text and new-music.

“How can we exist between the act of making and the object that has been made?”

Walk between Sauerbier House and the nearby forest to experience UNWOUND.

Installation in progress 

Image credit: Antarctica (ii2016 7.LF), from the Landform series, 2016, found teak bowl and wool, 300 x 300mm. Photography by Rick Martin


Lounge Gallery  |  23 September - 28 October

Christobel Kelly Walking BackwardsWALKING BACKWARDS   |  Christobel Kelly

Installation in progress

This project began as an atavistic investigation into a geographic triangle. The coastal area from Port Willunga, up to the Willunga Hills and over to Port Noarlunga, was my first stomping ground; the place where I came into the world step by step. By embedding the project at Sauerbier House it was possible to revisit this area whose physical landscape could declare at a whim, either presence or absence.

The first ten years of my life were spent in the sleepy town of Aldinga where I walked to school and the beach along the Port Willunga road. Those places are now almost unrecognisable due to urbanisation although sometimes there are vestigial memories that rise up when I return, a kind of walking backwards in time.

Gradually as the project developed, other questions arose such as, whether it was possible for houses as mnemonic entities to create systems for the revelation of former selves. Not necessarily the particularities of individual houses, but houses like enough to arouse a form of rhyming in the recollection of place. Thus the residency at Sauerbier House also became a method of conversation between deeply storied structures by way of the people who live or have lived in the area.

The constraints of working with a denuded set of letterpress meant that there was a process of slow thinking used in the formulation of each printed word. Even slower than handwriting, the act of printing became a way of scraping away until the substrata of time and place were revealed. 

Image credit: Christobel Kelly, Place/centre, 2017, oil on linen, 41 x 36cm. 

Other upcoming events

2 items available.

Residency Program 2017 - 18

January – March: Margit Brünner, Rosemary Whitehead

April – June: Kim Shanahan, Lindsay Nightingale

July - September: Paloma Concierta, Christobel Kelly

October - December: Heidi Karo, Paul Gazzola

January – March : Henry Jock Walker and friends

April – June: Laura Wills,  Rebecca McEwen 

Exhibitions remain for one month after each residency concludes.


[GRAFTd] Exhibitions 2017-18

August: ABX Group, Lauryn Arnott |  4 August – 2 September 2017

November:  Kim Thomson  | 3 November – 3 December 2017

February: Timothy Casiero | 9 February – 3 March 2018

May: Simone Kennedy, Ewa Skoczynska. | 4 May – 2 June 2018