Sauerbier House Culture Exchange


Current Exhibitions

Hallway Gallery  | 4 November 2017 - 27 January 2018

Collectors/ Collections - Onkaparinga  |  Paul Gazzola

An evolving exhibition of local collections that blurs the boundaries between art and

the everyday. Gazzola’s participatory projects unearth the backyard specialist to highlight the social geographies of people and place.

Paul is also seeking local participants to take part. Anyone interested in this project are welcome to contact the artist directly on 040 395 9716 or by email: or alternatively contact Sauerbier House on 81861393.

Go to for more info on this and other projects.


Lounge Gallery  |  4 November - 2 December

Kim Thomson - Between HorizonsBETWEEN HORIZONS   |  Kim Thomson

BETWEEN HORIZONS  is an immersive interactive adventure through the wilds of objects, memory and fun.

This installation and its associated games are designed around driving engagement towards a collective understanding of circular economy.

Most importantly it is hoped that BETWEEN HORIZONS  will allow the viewer to recognise elements of a circular economy in a fun, engaging and most importantly, memorable way so that they can embed those elements in their life.

So, what is a circular economy? Basically a circular economy is one where it is understood that everything on earth is finite and interconnected.

Our home, Plant Earth, is an incredibly regenerative system; however the accepted approach has been to take the elements that need the longest time to regenerate, the mineral, the ore and the fossil fuels.

Everything that is here is all that there is!

Currently our economy is linear. It is a “take, make, waste” model, and there are limits to this model, making it necessary to change the way we do things.

The three tenets of a circular economy are as follows;

  1. Growth through circularity and decoupling (from finite resources, like fossil fuels).
  2. A perfect circle of material flows.
  3. A shift from consumer to user.

These are really big ideas, so I have broken them down into a game format to make them more accessible.

For more information about circular economies go to Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

The creation of this installation has happened using 95% repurposed materials and has utilised local skilled services.

Image credit: Morning, 2017, repurposed anodized  aluminium kitchenware, repurposed faux pink pearl, rescued fishing line, rescued acrylic, graphite, canvas, 2017, 300mm. x300mm.  

Other upcoming events

Residency Program 2017 - 18

January – March: Margit Brünner, Rosemary Whitehead

April – June: Kim Shanahan, Lindsay Nightingale

July - September: Paloma Concierta, Christobel Kelly

October - December: Heidi Karo, Paul Gazzola

January – March : Henry Jock Walker and friends

April – June: Laura Wills,  Rebecca McEwen 

Exhibitions remain for one month after each residency concludes.


[GRAFTd] Exhibitions 2017-18

August: ABX Group, Lauryn Arnott |  4 August – 2 September 2017

November:  Kim Thomson  | 4 November – 2 December 2017

February: Timothy Casiero | 3 February – 3 March 2018

May: Simone Kennedy, Ewa Skoczynska. | 4 May – 2 June 2018