Green organics drop-off

Each residential property is entitled to a green organics voucher. 

Please check the expiry date on your current voucher before ordering your new voucher. Expiry date is no longer end of financial year. Vouchers expire one year from date of issue.

You will be issued a voucher code that enables you to drop off bulky organic material on specific dates at one of two locations over a 12 month period from the date your pass is issued. The voucher contains 15 tokens. Each token allows you to dispose of one cubic metre of green organics (equivalent to a standard 6x4 trailer).

Voucher requests are processed the following business day and sent by SMS or email. Please make sure to record or keep your voucher code in a safe place to take with you when dropping off organics.

Request a green organics voucher online

Or call our Customer Relations team on 8384 0666.

Terms and conditions

The voucher issued is for disposal of bulky organics from the assigned property only. Vouchers must be used by the registered pass holder and cannot be used by a third party.

This service is not available for businesses, community groups or sporting clubs.

There are no alternative drop-off times available (see locations for drop off times), and you must have your voucher code with you to be able to access the service.

What is accepted at the drop-off:


  • grass clippings
  • leaves
  • plant and tree prunings
  • tree branches (no thicker than 15cm)

What is not accepted at the drop-off:

Green organics are recycled into mulch and compost products and guidelines apply to the type of material accepted to ensure the green organics is of high quality for recycling. Any materials other than green vegetation will not be accepted as part of this service.


  • dirt and soil
  • treated or painted timber
  • building materials
  • food scraps
  • paper and cardboard
  • plastic

Loads contaminated with these items will be refused.

Locations & drop-off dates

There are two drop-off locations:

All Bulk Waste
12 Christie Road, Lonsdale
Drop-off is available at this site within the first 7 days of each month (excl. public holidays) between 9am and 2pm.

Southern Operations Centre
Lacey Drive, Aldinga
 Drop-off is available on the last Sunday of each month, with three additional dates on the second Sundays of September, October and November. Drop-off hours are between 9.30am-2.30pm.

Dates may change due to public holidays.

Please note:
December 2023 drop-off date is Sunday 17 December.
March 2024 drop-off date is Sunday 24 March.

There are no alternative drop-off times available and you must have your voucher code with you to be able to access the service.


If I do not have email or mobile number, can I still get a voucher?

Yes. Please call 8384 0666 and we will arrange to have a voucher issued for your collection from one of our Customer Relations offices or we can post it out. Please note that if posted, mail can take 1-3 weeks to arrive.

Can I access this service if I am renting?

Yes. The voucher is issued to assist the occupant of a property to manage excess garden materials.

However, if the owner has already requested a voucher for your property, you will need to request the voucher code from them.

How do I use the voucher?

Simply quote the voucher code provided to the person on the gate.  They will enter your code to validate it and they will advise how many tokens will be used based on the size of the load. The voucher includes 15 drop-off tokens.

How do I know how many tokens I have left?

Call us on 8384 0666 or ask the person on the gate how many tokens you have left.

What if I have lost my voucher code?

Call us on 8384 0666 to have it reissued. The same voucher code and any remaining entitlement applies.  

What happens if a previous tenant/owner has already requested the voucher?

The previous voucher code will be cancelled a new voucher will be issued

How long will it take for me to get my new voucher?

Voucher requests will be confirmed the next business day and the code and drop-off information will be sent to resident’s email and/or mobile within 48 hours.

Are there other options to get rid of my garden waste?

Additional green organics bins are available for an annual fee. Garden materials can also be taken to most waste transfer stations or landfills (fees apply).