Community Wastewater Management System upgrade (CWMS)

McLaren Vale CWMS upgrade plan


The township of McLaren Vale is serviced by a Community Wastewater Management System (CWMS), which involves collection of wastewater generated within the township. 

Wastewater from McLaren Vale is pump via a series of pipelines and pump stations to the Willunga wastewater treatment plant for treatment.  The treated wastewater (recycled water) is then utilised for irrigation of vineyards, a golf course and public open space in the McLaren Vale region.

The CWMS collection system within McLaren Vale is in need of a capacity upgrade to ensure that we provide a safe and reliable wastewater service to our customers now and into the future, and to ensure that we maintain compliance with our regulatory obligations.


The construction works includes the installation of:

  • A new, larger diameter drain from the CWMS pump station located adjacent to the Coast to Vines Trail extending approximately 340 metres east towards Field Street and connecting to an existing access chamber within the street.

Our operations and maintenance contractor, TRILITY, will be carrying out the day to day project management of the construction works, with these construction works to be carried out by CAMCO.

Traffic control may be in place from time to time throughout the duration of the construction project.

CAMCO will provide advance written notice to occupiers of land adjoining or proximate to site and whose access may be impeded by the construction activities.

Every effort will be made to minimise any inconvenience to surrounding residents during this period.