Media response - dog park call

Published on 12 October 2021

Response to The Advertiser.

  • I recently had a chat with a resident who said he has reached out to council after his 11-month old husky was attacked at least five times within the last year. He believes that if there were more dog parks between Happy Valley and Hackham it would be less likely for dog attacks to occur due to less overcrowding. I was just wondering what council’s position was on this? Has there been any discussion on building more dog parks down south?

City of Onkaparinga’s Long Term Financial Plan, the Strategic Asset Management Plan (SAMP) and Open Space Strategic Management Plan (OSSMP) inform how and where we plan facilities across our city, now and in future.

When it comes to dog parks, we strategically analysed a number of factors to determine how many parks there should be and where they are located.

All of our previous research indicated the three parks in Huntfield Heights (Dinton Farm), Happy Valley (Minkarra Park) and Aldinga (Symonds Reserve) provide the right mix of facilities to ensure we can usefully serve a high number of residents and their dogs. Our service levels are subject to a review of the OSSMP, which is due next year, and this includes the potential to implement changes to the above sites, such as separate areas for smaller breeds.

It’s also worth noting that nearly all of our parks throughout the City of Onkaparinga are dog friendly—that is a dog is allowed off-leash as long as they’re under effective control and not within 20 metres of a playground. Almost a third of our 31-kilometre coastline is also available for off-leash exercise (including at O’Sullivan Beach, Port Noarlunga South, Seaford/Moana, and Maslin, Aldinga and Sellicks Beaches), while dogs must be on-leash between 10am to 8pm at other beaches during daylight savings.

Regardless of where you’re exercising your dog, the onus is on the owner to take responsibility for their dog and ensure they’re under effective control at all times.