Media response - Button Road, Aldinga

Published on 14 March 2023

Response to the Fleurieu Sun.

  • What feedback has the council received regarding Button Road and the Aldinga Washpool?
  • What are the negative impacts of having Button Road run through the Aldinga Washpool?
  • Why is there a push to remove the road?
  • Is the solution as simple as just removing the road and planting over it?
  • If the road is removed, what options are there for those wanting to access the beach?
  • Where-to next for the petition?

Comments attributed to Mayor Moira Were

Council hasn’t undertaken formal consultation regarding a potential closure of Button Road, but we understand views in the community about the issue are mixed.

We understand some in the community would like to see the road closed due to the impacts it has on the environment and culturally significant sites.

While Council has the power to close the road, the chamber would need to support the closure in order for this to go ahead, and this would require community consultation to better understand our communities’ views.

The Department for Environment and Water is in the early stages of developing a park management plan for the Aldinga Washpool, which will include community engagement on how the park will be managed moving forward. We’re advocating for the issue of Button Road to be explored as part of this process.