Media response - Renewal SA Aldinga development

Published on 18 October 2021

Response to The Advertiser.

  • Renewal SA will release 60ha of the land (bound by Main South Rd, Aldinga Beach Rd, How Rd and Quinliven Rd) to developers tomorrow, saying it could fit 1000 new homes. Has consultation happened and is the council happy with the government's approach? Or are there still some concerns about what could be built near the Aldinga town centre?

Comments attributed to Renee Mitchell, Director Planning and Regulatory Services

There is huge community interest in the state government’s release of 68 hectares of land for new housing in Aldinga, and the development presents an amazing opportunity for the community if done right.

Our community has consistently told us they want this to be a sustainable and climate resilient development, whether through dozens of community submissions to the Development Plan Amendment process, or through a recent petition that recently went before state parliament containing about 1500 signatures seeking sustainable development outcomes.

City of Onkaparinga has responded by developing a vision for the development to set a new benchmark for sustainable and climate resilient suburban development.

To achieve our vision, we’ve been advocating to the state government and Renewal SA, asking for their ongoing leadership and support in seeing this development through to completion, and for them to partner with the City of Onkaparinga and the Aldinga Community to:

  • develop the Master Plan
  • apply ambitious sustainability caveats on the sale of the land and future housing
  • establish, oversee and enforce the implementation of Climate Smart Design Guidelines
  • appoint a developer that is committed to delivering a sustainable and climate resilient development
  • agree to stay intimately involved through the life of the development, ensuring the agreed sustainability and climate resilience outcomes can be delivered to an industry leading standard.

In terms of consultation, Council has considered a number of reports on the future rezoning and development of the land at Aldinga, most recently in April 2021, and we’ve provided considerable feedback to the state government regarding our position.

The first stage of planning of this land involved the Aldinga Structure Plan (ASP), which was led by Renewal SA with council and the community being heavily involved in the process and positively influencing outcomes. The ASP informed the subsequent and recent Aldinga Suburban Neighbourhood Development Plan Amendment (DPA) approved by the Minister, which introduced a new zone from the Planning and Design Code, the Master Planned Neighbourhood Zone to apply over the land. Our preference would have been the Master Planned Township Zone as it has a focus on lower densities.

Council acknowledges that the land is needed for residential development, and the final DPA approved by the Minister addressed some of our concerns. We do remain concerned about this zone’s references to high density development, three storey and/or more building heights, and the allowable floor area for non-residential land uses in an outer suburban location such as Aldinga. While we ultimately didn’t get the zone we advocated for, we did get the concept plan and commitments to higher than minimum sustainability standards, which we consider to be important to set the foundation for development of the land.

We’ve had a really productive working relationship with Renewal SA and the state government, and we’re looking forward to working with Renewal SA, the state government and the chosen developer to make our community’s vision for a sustainable and climate resilient suburb a reality.