A Night of Science in the South

A Night of Science in the South is an initiative of City of Onkaparinga Libraries, Inspiring South Australia and the Tall Poppy Campaign. Watcg some of South Australia's best scientists present their research  in fast, fun and visual bite-sized treats of science awesomeness!

A Night of Science in the South 2022



A Night of Science in the South 2021


Dr Margaret Shanafield

The Willunga Basin

Dr Margaret Shanafield discusses tracing water through the Willunga Basin, including rainfall, steamflow, evaporation and groundflow. 


Dr Tasha Stanton 

Perceptual Trickery

Associate Professor Tasha Stanton discusses pain and the brain, and how we can trick the brain into changing bodily feelings, such as pain, using virtual/mediated reality. 


Dr Kylie Dunning 

Measure Embryo Health with Light

Dr Kylie Dunning discusses how light has been used to measure and discover the health of an embryo, and how this could have positive impacts on IVF success rates. 


Dr Sheryn Pitman

Ecological Literacy

Dr Sheryn Pitman discusses what we know about how nature works, and the relationship between humanity and nature in terms of the sustainability of human life on earth. 


Dr Yee Lian Chew  

Chronic Pain

Dr Yee Lian Chew discusses how studying worm brains can lead to a better understanding of, and new treatments for, chronic pain. 


Dr Yan Jiao

Clean Energy

Dr Yan Jiao discusses a clean energy future and why it is important to us. 


Dr Ashley Hopkins 

Cancer Treatments

Dr Ashley Hopkins discusses how big data and machine learning can help us to better understand the the benefits and constraints of cancer treatments. 


Dr Grace Vincent 

Why do we sleep? 

Dr Grace Vincent discusses sleep science, including what happens when our bodies are deprived of enough of it.