It's now easier than ever to request a service or report an issue

Published on 23 May 2022

Older lady using a mobile phone to submit a council customer request.

We’ve improved the way you can ‘Request a service’ or ‘Report an issue’ online.

By streamlining this process we’ve been able to improve the services we offer online and provide you with the option to receive notifications from us via text or email, when your request is submitted and closed.

  1. Click 'Request a service'

  2.  Then select 'Create customer request'.

  3. Choose a topic from the list or type in a keyword to help you find the topic of the request or issue you are looking for. If you can't find a relevant topic, select 'General enquiry'. 

  4. Please answer all questions as this will help us action your request.
    Make sure you enter your address if you have one, or select the location from the map with any additional information that may assist us. To be notified that we've received your request or when it's been closed, tick the box next to 'Do you wish to be notified'.

  5. Once you have finished answering all the questions, click 'Submit'.

  6. Your request number will display on screen. If you have chosen to be notified of updates you will receive this number by email or SMS.


More information

How to submit a request online(PDF, 130KB)

Hints and tips(PDF, 165KB)