Gemmel Tassie Reserve

Mixed use court

This reserve has extensive parklands and boasts an impressive grove of large olive trees – these were planted early in the town’s history, long before the district’s booming olive industry took off. 

The reserve has a number of war memorial areas, including the Remembrance Garden, with its fifty trees planted to mark the end of World War II. Next to the gazebo on the western side of the park, is a plaque marked in honour of the men and women who served in the armed forces during that conflict.

  • AFL goals
  • Basketball key
  • Netball ring
  • Outdoor fitness
  • Soccer
  • Tennis courts

Bookings are available for weddings and events with over 70 people.


Magical Park is a new game technology aimed at getting children physically active in the outdoors and within safe boundaries. It uses geospatial Augmented Reality to turn a green space into a digital fantasy world.

The game zone is located on the grassed area adjacent to the tennis courts of Gemmel Tassie Reserve on West Park Way. Go to the middle of the grassed area between the goal posts to play.

How:  FREE to play – download Magical Park app from either the App Store or Google Playstore. No in-app purchases required and be transformed into an interactive, fun and physical digital world.

You can choose to collect dinosaur eggs from caves in the land of Prehistoria or herd kittens in the world of Augmentia.  You can save trapped aliens in Alien Scape and keep the park clean and rescue the trees in Evergreen. Or perhaps you may choose to help the robots find their lost parts in Robotica!

It is the sole responsibility of an adult to make sure children are supervised while playing and that they stay within the safe play zone.

For technical support email GEO AR Games at or visit

Magical Park instructions


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