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  • If you have cold or flu symptoms, seek testing and stay home until you are well
  • Wash your hands often, wipe frequently touched surfaces, and cover coughs and sneezes
  • Vulnerable people like the elderly and people with chronic health conditions should talk to their doctor about what is appropriate for them


Term 1 lessons conclude Saturday 10 April 2021.
Term 2 lessons commence Tuesday 27 April 2021.

Established in 1991 t
he centre has a high profile position within the recreational precinct of the City of Onkaparinga and is ideally situated adjacent to the Colonnades Regional Shopping Complex, the cinema complex and has direct access to Noarlunga Centre station, a major rail and bus terminal.

We offer a wide variety of leisure activities such as aquatics, sports, swimming lessons and gym.

The Noarlunga Leisure Centre is under the new management of the City of Onkaparinga. Here's some important information for our community.

On 21 December 2020, the City of Onkaparinga took over responsibility for the management of the Noarlunga Leisure Centre, which includes both the Noarlunga Aquatic Centre and St Vincent Recreation Centre. If you have any questions, please direct them to or call 8488 2099.

Frequently asked questions

FAQs Noarlunga Leisure Centre transition


Why has the Council taken over the Centres?

On 21 December 2021, the City of Onkaparinga took over responsibility for the management of the Noarlunga Leisure Centre, which includes both the Noarlunga Aquatic Centre and St Vincent Recreation Centre.

In a statement from Mayor Erin Thompson she said the transition will result in a range of positive outcomes for centre users and ratepayers. Bringing management in-house allows us to drive greater efficiency and better value for our ratepayers; deliver significant upgrades to the centre; and best meet our community’s sport and recreation needs.

This change follows the successful transition of three other indoor recreation centres at The Hub, Seaford and Aldinga to an in-house, council-managed model in 2018.

Is the centre closed?

The Centre opened Monday 28 December.


Who was my existing membership with?

Belgravia Leisure were the previous facility managers up until 20 December 2020. From the 21 December, the Noarlunga Aquatic and Recreation Centre will be managed by the City of Onkaparinga.

How do I claim a refund for the closure period?

All pre-existing memberships represent an agreement with Belgravia Leisure.

Unfortunately, the City of Onkaparinga is unable to intervene in any membership agreements held with Belgravia Leisure, or any direct debit arrangements made with them. 

Therefore, any refund claims prior to 21 December 2020 will need to be made directly with Belgravia Leisure. You can contact Belgravia Leisure directly via or 03 8727 7777 if you wish to pursue this.

Do I need to cancel my direct debit with the previous management?

Yes. Please make the necessary arrangements with your bank or credit card provider.

Can I still use my pre-existing membership or 10 visit pass in the future?

Yes. The City of Onkaparinga will honour all prepaid memberships and 10 visit passes for future use.

How much will the fees be?

The fees will remain the same for the remainder of the 2020-21 financial year.

How do I set up a new direct debit to continue my membership?

This can be done online, our membership program will go 'live' shortly.

Swim School Specific

What is the structure/programming of the children’s classes?

We have implemented an exciting new swim school.

Will my child be in the same class?

Our staff will undertake a process to ensure your child is allocated into the appropriate level class. If you have any concerns about your child’s class please email

When will learn to swim classes for children resume?

They resumed Term 1 2021.

Will there be a different instructor for my child?

We successfully recruited existing and new staff.

Will there be an online booking system so I can make bookings, cancellation and book in make-up lessons?

We are still working through this process, please contact us to book a lesson.

Will the instructors be suitably qualified?

All instructors will be qualified to national swim teaching/coaching accreditation standards.


Will lap swimming continue?

Yes, dedicated lap swimming has continued. You do not need to book as a casual user.

 Aqua Aerobics

Will aqua aerobics continue?

Yes, please see our current timetable 

Group Fitness

Will group fitness continue?

Yes, group fitness classes has continued.

Will classes be the same as currently offered?

We are currently working on the timetable which will be published on our website

Will there be a different instructor?

We successfully recruited existing and new staff.


What will be the gym opening times?

6am to 8pm Monday to Friday, Saturday 7 to 4pm and Sunday 9am to 4pm.

How can I find out about gym class times?

Please refer to the Class Timetable drop down box.

How can I book a class?

Currently, you do not need to book for a group fitness class.

Indoor sports

What indoor sports will be offered?

We will be offering a range of court sports. We are currently working on the timetable which will be published on our website. For more information, email

Employment opportunities

If you have any questions about employment, please visit our job vacancies page 

Job Vacancies 

Swim School

Welcome to the Noarlunga Aquatic and Recreation Centre Swim School.

The swim school's focus is to teach the four competitive strokes to FINA standards, which means our end goal is to teach your children correct swimming technique. We will also incorporate a PASS element within our program. PASS programming involves teaching "swim and survive" skills.

What should your child bring to class? Enthusiasm to learn swimming, preparedness to be challenged to reach higher levels and be prepared to take a risk in learning something new in a safe and supportive environment. Swimmers in the hour-long groups should always bring water in a plastic drink bottle.

We look forward to developing your child's aquatic education. We will also be providing further opportunities in the future for children to advance from the hour groups into more advanced squads. We will keep you informed of new developments as they are introduced.

If your child is unable to make it please notify us prior to class (or as soon as possible after the class), via email or phone.   

Please note: In accordance with our Policy if your child misses two weeks in a row, without notifying us, they will lose their position in the class without further notice.  

Contact us via email or phone on 8488 2099 to enrol your child today!

Gym membership

We are in the process of finalising our membership program to enable online subscriptions. In the mean time, weekly passes can be purchased from Reception.





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