Request a letter of support from council

We understand that community groups rely on external funding for their programs, projects and activities. Letters of Support are an important part of any grant request, demonstrating to potential funding partners that the application has support from your local council. 

We are happy to provide a letter of support for grant applications where the outcomes align with our Community Plan 2030 for strong, vibrant communities, under our themes of People, Place, Prosperity and Performance, and supporting Strategies.

However, please note we do not provide letters of support for Council funded grants.



Step 1.When to contact council

  • Sport and Active Recreation Clubs - please contact the Recreation and Sports Team as soon as you start preparing your project, and at least 30 days prior to the grant close date, to enable relevant consideration.

  • Community Groups minimum 14 days notice.

Step 2.Before you begin:

  • IMPORTANT: read the grant guidelines and application form before you start so you know what supporting information you need.

  • Ensure you have any relevant project information or any templates we are required to complete (e.g. Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing).

  • Where the project or event is being held on council land, please apply for Land Owner Consent form at least 30 days prior to the required date.

Step 3.Complete the request form