Nuisance Impact Assessment

Residents can expect to live in relative peace free from excessive local nuisance caused by noise, dust, smoke, fumes or odour.

From time to time, minor nuisances can be expected. The first step is to speak to the person undertaking the activity and try to reach a happy solution. The person may not be aware that they are causing a nuisance and a friendly approach may resolve the problem.

Please note one-off occurrences won't be investigated. We recommend you monitor the nuisance activity over a period of two weeks before submitting a Nuisance Impact Statement.

If the nuisance persists and you need our help, please tell us about the activity and how it is impacting you on the Nuisance Impact Statement below.

Nuisance Impact Statement

Nuisance impact statement

A nuisance impact statement provides information to help us investigate, manage and resolve reports.

We assess the details of the statement as well as:

  • Council’s statutory powers;
  • Negative nuisance and health impacts that have arisen;
  • Good administrative practices;
  • The result of any risk assessment that may be conducted;
  • Involvement of outside agencies (as appropriate);
  • Opportunities for negotiation/mediation/conciliation; and,
  • Other factors, as appropriate.

Confidentiality and freedom of information

We understand that you may wish to stay anonymous, and not provide your personal information (e.g. name, phone, address, etc.). However, we require this information to carry out an investigation and to ensure that the matter is properly investigated.

Part of our investigation can include speaking with your neighbours who might also be affected by the nuisance activity. We may also carry out our own observations, measures or recordings.

We will keep your personal information confidential and will only disclose it with your consent. Please note that Council may need to release your personal information where:

  • Council is required and authorised by law to do so (e.g. to state or federal enforcement agencies), or
  • Council has received a Freedom of Information application about the investigation, in which case we will consult with you before releasing your personal information, or
  • it is necessary to information share for promoting safety and well-being

Formal action

As a result of our investigation, we may issue an expiation notice to a person, persons or a business causing or failing to stop a local nuisance.

What we can / can't do


 Fixed machinery such as air cons, pool pumps, bird scarers, vibration, delivery trucks at shops.
 Animals / birds


✘ Parties or events
✘ Voice
✘ Vehicle
✘ Music
✘ Neighbourhood distrubances
✘ Aggressive / threatening behaviour

Please contact the SA Police Department on 131 444.



✘ Light spill (i.e. security lights, garden or household lighting)

Wood smoke / fire

 Wood heaters
Backyard burning


✘ Burning within fire danger season
Public safety threat


 Development sites
Vacant land



 Approved development sites
Home based businesses
Waste / rubbish
Sewerage / effluent
Cigarette smoke / vape (private homes only)
Internal food business ventiltation
Animals - dog poo / birds / chickens


✘ Home hobbies / home cooking
Cigarette smoke / vape in shops / playgrounds / public spaces


 Front yard / general condition of land
Overgrown / unconstrained vegetation



 Pests and vermin (rats / mice / flies / mosquitoes / bees)
Birds / chickens / pigeons
Intensive animal keeping
Non-domestic animals (eg. goats / pigs)
Food scraps


✘ Animal welfare (please contact the RSPCA)


 Stormwater pollution such as swimming pool water, paint.
 Dumped rubbish
 Effluent / wastewater discharge



Odour wheel

This wheel should help you identify what the odour may be.

The odour wheel will help you identify what is causing the smell.

Download the odour wheel(PDF, 2MB)

Useful contacts

For further information, please contact us on 8384 0666.

The following sections below can assist you with your enquiry:

  • Development Compliance
  • Community Safety
  • Environmental Health

What if it is an emergency?

Please note that in the event of an emergency, you should contact Triple zero (000).

For more information regarding the Triple zero (000) website, please refer to the Australian Government website page:

Triple zero

Our after hours emergency number is 8384 0622.