Mobile Food Vendor permit


A vibrant and successful mobile food vendor can showcase and take advantage of the strengths of our city with its array of quality food, wine, tourism and lifestyle experiences.

Mobile Food Vendor permits

Before you head out onto the streets, you do need to apply for a Mobile Food Vendors permit as there are regulations governed by the State Government, but you’ll also need to abide by our city guidelines(PDF, 2MB)

You can apply for a Mobile Food Vendor permit at any time online. Permits are valid for optional durations from one day to a year period.

All you need to know about operating a mobile food vehicle and how to apply online below.

Frequently asked questions

Mobile food vending permits are issued on a per vehicle basis. You will need to list the registration of your Mobile Food Vendor vehicle/set up on your permit application. This ensures that a mobile food business with multiple vehicles cannot apply for one permit to cover the entire fleet while paying the same price for a permit as a single operator. A separate permit will be required for each Mobile Food Vendor Vehicle.

There are no restrictions on the number of permits available.

The permit fees (GST exempt) for a Mobile Food Vending Permit are: 

  • $88 per day
  • $178 up to one month
  • $1895 annually

The Mobile Food Vending permit is only applicable for pre-approved locations(PDF, 3MB) . If you wish to trade as part of an event, please contact the event organisers directly.

No, it’s not possible for Council to reserve spaces for Mobile Food Vendors or coordinate locations. Occupation of each pre-approved site(PDF, 3MB)per day is on a ‘first come, first served’ basis and there is no minimum or maximum stay limit for a mobile food vendor within listed hours of operation for a pre-approved site(PDF, 3MB).

Mobile Food Vendor Permit holders are required to comply with all health and food safety aspects of their entire operation as contained in the Food Act 2001 and Food Safety Standards 3.2.2 and 3.2.3. As part of the application process, Mobile Food Vendors must include their Food Business Notification Number. Our city Environmental Health Services Team conducts regular and random inspections and you must allow access when requested. 

A Mobile Food Vending Permit may be cancelled or amended if the permit holder fails to comply with the permit conditions outlined in the guidelines. 

Trading can still operate as a temporary food stall at events or markets as arranged directly with the event or market organisers. We recommend you keep an eye on our Events page, to see what opportunities come up.




Step 1.Review the pre-approved sites

View the pre-approved sites online

Step 2.Complete the online application form

Mobile Food Vendor application form

You will need

  • A copy of current Public Risk Insurance to a minimum of $20 million.
  • Photo showing your registered mobile food vehicle and proposed set up (chairs / tables / umbrellas etc). 

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Mobile food vendors who also operate a fixed food and/or beverage business in the our city are eligible for a 20% discount on their permit fees. If this applies to you, please state this on your application form.