Media response - snake sightings

Published on 02 July 2020

Response to The Advertiser.

Are the Byards Road Wetlands council owned?


If so, has there been any reported incidents of people being bitten by snakes in there?

We are not aware of any snake bites that have occurred at that location.

Does the council have any plans to put up signage warning people about the presence of snakes?

We are currently investigating interpretive sign options for the wetlands, which would include information with regards to living with wildlife, including snakes.

Snakes occur naturally within all our natural areas so it’s not practical to install warning signs everywhere.

Importantly if someone comes across a snake, keep children and pets well clear and don’t try to touch it.

Almost all snake bites occur when people try to handle, kill or harm a snake.

Council uses the services of snake catchers when it’s reported that a snake approaches council-owned facilities such as buildings or playgrounds.


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