Media response - animal noise complaints

Published on 10 July 2020

Response to The Advertiser.


How many animal noise complaints did your council receive in each financial year?




Barking dogs



Other animals/birds



What were the top five animals - please list the amount for each animal?

Barking dogs represent the vast majority of animal noise complaints we receive. We’re unable to provide the detail of the top five animal type due to reporting constraints.

How many were ordered for removal?

We have not ordered any animals for removal.

How does the council deal with noise complaints?

Barking dog complaints are managed by our Community Rangers team. Complaints are received through our call centre, service desks and online lodgement through our website.

Our Community Ranger team assist the dog owner to resolve the noise complaint.

When required, the dog owner may be served a Control (Barking Dog) Order to engage a dog behaviourist. The dog behaviourist will implement a plan with the dog owner, with the aim to stop the dog from barking. Further information on barking dog management is available on our website.

For all other animal noise complaints, the complainant completes a Nuisance Impact Statement/Assessment form. A nuisance impact statement provides information to help the Community Ranger team investigate, manage and resolve noise complaint reports.


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