Roads, footpaths and traffic

For any urgent issues or hazardous situations that could cause harm to people or property, please call our Customer Relations team immediately on 8384 0666 during work hours or 8384 0622 after hours. 

Report an issue by clicking the relevant link below

Abandoned vehicles

If a vehicle is left contravening a law or is abandoned it may be removed. If the owner can be found we will seek to have the vehicle removed within a reasonable time frame.  Alternatively, the Local Government Act 1999 sets out the process we must follow to remove a vehicle.

Please note that if a vehicle is in a dangerous position, council or SA Police may impound or relocate the vehicle immediately.

Unregistered vehicles should be reported to SA Police on 13 14 44.

Report an abandoned vehicle

Hoon and speeding activity

We encourage you to report any incidents of hoon driving and dangerous road behaviour to SAPol Traffic Watch program on 131 444.

The Traffic Watch program provides SAPol with intelligence on hoon drivers and repeat traffic offenders. Wherever possible, you should provide details of the vehicle, the time and location of the event and a description of the concerning behaviour.

For any other concerns regarding traffic flows in your community:

Please lodge a request

If you have lodged a request, our Traffic Engineers will investigate and notify you with the outcome.

Illegal parking

Community safety officers are authorised to investigate and enforce the Australian Road Rules under the Road Traffic Act 1961 in relation to illegal parking.

Report an illegally parked vehicle

Alternatively, to report illegal parking by phone, please call us on 8384 0666 during business hours or 8384 0622 after hours. 

Parking management

We carefully consider all requests to change on street parking restrictions as parked cars can often act as effective traffic calming devices encouraging reduced speed and improved driver behaviour. Where excessive on street parking prohibitions have been installed in the past, they have often resulted in increased speed and an overall reduction in safety for all road users.

On street parking must be undertaken in accordance with the Australian Road Rules.

For on street parking standards, the drivers handbook provides an overview of the road rules and laws for drivers.

Lodge a request for on street parking management

If you have lodged a request, our Traffic Engineers will investigate and notify you with the outcome.

Road reseal and maintenance program

The integrity of the road network is maintained by a regular reseal and maintenance program; roads that are beyond rehabilitation are reconstructed.

Every year, we conduct road reseal treatments throughout the city. If your street has been identified for these works, you will be notified by letter of the upcoming work and timing. You can view the fact sheets relating to the type of pavement treatment your street will be undergoing:

Microsurfacing of local roads(PDF, 348KB)

Spray sealing of local roads(PDF, 275KB)

Asphalt surfacing of local roads(PDF, 324KB)

Preservation treatment of local roads(PDF, 295KB)

Department for Infrastructure and Transport (DIT) roads

We receive many requests for maintenance work, including weed removal on DIT roads, such as Main South Road, Southern Expressway, Flagstaff Road, Happy Valley Drive, Black Road, Chandlers Hill Road, Commercial Road and Lonsdale Road, which are not council's responsibility. Please check the below list of all non council roads in our city, before submitting a request.

Non-council roads(PDF, 80KB)

To report any road hazards, weed clearance, signal faults (including removal of dead animals) or have a general enquiry, please DIT on: 

  • General enquiries, train enquiries, planning enquiries and projects  1300 872 677
  • Traffic hazards, weed clearance, signal faults and emergencies  1800 018 313

School parking issues

We work in collaboration with schools and the Department of Infrastructure and Transport's 'Way2Go' program with the aim of providing the most efficient and safe environment possible during school pick up and drop off times. 

If you have any concerns regarding child safety and parking issues around the school, please contact them in the first instance and they will liaise with us if required.

Lodge a request for school parking issues

If you have lodged a request, our Traffic Engineers will investigate and notify you with the outcome.

Sweeping and cleaning

If there is immediate danger to people or property, please do not continue with this request and immediately call our Customer Relations team on 8384 0666 or 8384 0622 after hours.

Across the city we have five street sweepers operating across set rounds. We aim to complete our street sweeping rounds within an average cycle of 6-8 weeks, due to this program we only action requests for hazards, such as broken glass or oil spill. 

Submit a request for sweeping or cleaning online