Boat ramp launch permit

On-site purchase of casual (one-day) permits is available only from 7am-11am. 

You can still purchase permits online (below) at any time, but you will need to print your permit prior to attending.

The City of Onkaparinga has temporarily taken responsibility for operating the O’Sullivan Beach boat ramp.

How does this affect ramp users?

The ramp can still be accessed as normal with a launch permit.

Daily launch permits can still be purchased on site, with contract staff available at the ramp to help manage this process.

Launch permits can also be purchased online below.

What about the kiosk?

The kiosk is closed until further notice. We apologise for any inconvenience caused due to the kiosk’s closure.

Until the Kiosk can be reopened, we ask ramp users to ensure they have purchased all necessary supplies before arriving at O’Sullivan Beach.

Is there bait available?

We ask ramp users to ensure they’ve purchased bait before arriving at O’Sullivan Beach.



Purchase a new launch permit below

Periodical permits

Step 1.Before you start

You will need the following information to complete this form:

  • Your car registration number
  • Photo of your pensioner card (if buying a concession permit)

Step 2.Fill out the permit form

To purchase a periodical permit, click buy now below.


Step 3.Print out your receipt

This is an electronic permit. You will NOT receive a permit in the mail.

Print out the confirmation that will be emailed to you and display on the dashboard of your car.

Casual (one day) permits

Casual permits can be purchased below.

Click here to view form.