Tree tags and trails


Its official, trees are awesome!  We've found a fun way to show you just how!

We’ve collected data on individual trees around Onkaparinga, measuring what each tree provides including the amount of oxygen produced, rainfall caught and carbon stored.

You’ll be amazed at what we discovered! For instance, a 19 metre high English Oak produces enough oxygen in one year for 150 people to breathe for a day. It also removes over 530 grams of air pollution - carbon monoxide, ozone, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and fine and coarse matter e.g. dust, smoke etc.

We calculate the amount of shade produced from its canopy coverage and then compared to a beach umbrella. A 19 metre high spotted gum provided the same shade as 52 beach umbrellas.

River redgums are the rockstar Australian trees for reducing stormwater runoff. A 30 metre high redgum will intercept 30 cubic metres of water per year. All urban trees in park settings reduce runoff by catching part of the rain that falls and allowing this water to filter into the soil around their root system.

When we reduce the amount of runoff during a storm event, this also reduces the potential for soil erosion.

The great news is that these values will continue to increase as the trees grow and increase their canopy coverage. To turn this data into something meaningful for all ages, we’ve created some cool tree tags and you'll find them around the region.

Our local communities love trees just as much as us.  Willunga Environment Centre have taken the lead with tree tags and trail projects around Willunga, Kangarilla and the Cellar Doors in McLaren Vale and we've proudly supported their projects.  What are you waiting for?  Download a map and check them out.