Paul Yeomans

Councillor - South Coast ward

PO Box 1
Noarlunga Centre SA 5168

Paul Yeomans


What made you want to become an elected member and what do you bring to the role?

Since retiring, I found it interesting speaking with residents of my community in Maslin Beach about local concerns that I hadn't previously thought about, and decided it was time to put my hand up. Working for SA Police for more than 40 years was experience I thought may serve me well in my aspiration to serve the local community. I also considered my experience working as a detective for most of my career, particularly the last 13 years in management, (I retired as a detective superintendent) provided me with skills in leadership, fiscal management, governance and decision making—all relevant for elected members.

What are your key priorities and things you want to achieve as a councillor?

I'd like members of our local community to be more aware of the influence our local council has on their daily lives. When you take a walk around the block or visit your local reserve, most of what you see is influenced by local council. I'm also keen for the community to have their say on relevant projects that are designed to improve their living environment, whether that be new or upgraded footpaths, reserves, community centres or roads. The council has considerable debt, and one of my priorities is helping to identify efficiencies and opportunities to reduce spending.

Tell us a bit about yourself, your connection to the region, and your passions outside of work.

I've been retired for a couple of years now and have lived in Maslin Beach for more than 20 years. I continue to enjoy swimming, working out in the gym, playing golf and fishing. I think I'm a down-to-earth person, pragmatic, and I look for solutions to problems. I enjoy catching up with friends and visiting wineries, breweries, cafes and restaurants in the region with my partner, Rose. I have three adult children—my eldest is 36, so I'm showing my age—and four grandchildren who are growing up ever so quickly before my eyes.

What do you want to hear about from local residents?

I'm keen to hear the good and the bad. Reflecting on my career, I was always pleased to hear about one of the patrols or investigators doing a good job and I was even more pleased to pass that message on. I'm prepared to advocate on behalf of concerns from the community, particularly if those concerns arise from a public safety perspective or where the use of council resources could be improved. I always adopted an ‘open door policy’ at work and as such, I will always prefer to hear a grievance from a local resident than not hear about it and let the issue potentially fester.