Lauren Jew

Councillor - South Coast ward

PO Box 1389
Aldinga SA 5173

Lauren Jew


What made you want to become an elected member and what do you bring to the role?

I love the environment, local people and the diversity of opportunities in our southern community. To be able to influence decisions and protect and advocate for our region motivated me to become an elected member. I have a background in stakeholder engagement and have worked and lived in the South Coast Ward for more than 15 years. I feel I have a good understanding of the strengths, concerns and aspirations of local people.

What are your key priorities and things you want to achieve as a councillor?

My greatest priority is to ensure the voices of our local community are represented and that decisions made are always evidence-based and have the interests of the region at the heart of the outcome. I believe my priorities need to be in line with local residents' expectations. I've had many discussions with local people about playgrounds, waste, equitable services and infrastructure, footpaths, planning, the environment and transparency. My areas of interest are inclusion, participation, quality services and facilities, sustainability and innovation.

Tell us a bit about yourself, your connection to the region, and your passions outside of work.

When I'm not working or performing my council responsibilities, I'm chasing after my three-year-old. I love travelling, and also discovering new places in our region— there are so many. I've always been drawn to volunteering and working in roles to create a more equitable society. I'm a Fellow of the Governor's Leadership Foundation and have been on a number of boards. I want to utilise my knowledge and skills for the benefit of our area.

What do you want to hear about from local residents?

I like to think I'm approachable, a connector and responsive. I'm happy for residents, local clubs and groups to contact me on any matter. The more I'm connected with the local community, the better positioned I'll be to fulfil this role.