Geoff Eaton

Councillor - Thalassa ward

PO Box 1
Noarlunga Centre SA 5168

Geoff Eaton

Why did you want to become an elected member?

I took the opportunity to seek election due to the negative publicity our council received some years ago, and I focused on public sector governance, debt management, council rates and community safety and resilience.

My election provided an opportunity to extend my interest in public sector management, but from a different perspective (having worked at all three levels of government), and to continue to serve a community I’ve been a member of for over 45 years. 

It’s a pleasure for an old bloke to work with the young and professional Councillor Themeliotis, to represent our community.  Some people may call it positive ageing.

What local issues are you most passionate about?

Some of the things I’m most passionate about are representing my community, interacting and working with a broad range of residents and people, and building their resilience so we can better deal with natural disasters and emergency events. I have a strong interest in community safety/wellbeing, economic development and ensuring Thalassa Ward is represented.

I’m passionate about the upgrade of Main Road, Coromandel Valley and Cherry Gardens, particularly from Black Road to Cherry Gardens Road. This state government road is in need for a major upgrade considering it’s shared by articulated vehicles, bicycles, and passenger vehicles, with numerous bends and poor road edging.

We’ve been successful in having wombat crossings funded for Park Avenue, Aberfoyle Park (completed) and Ridgeway Drive, Flagstaff Hill (scheduled for June), but I’d like to see the state government install a speed/red light camera at Flagstaff Primary School on Black Road to increase the safety of the children.

What do you want to hear about from local residents?

If residents have concerns regarding service delivery, infrastructure improvements and Council decisions, please contact me. There will be diverse views, but it’s about hearing what people have to say and making informed decisions in our best interests.

I regularly walk around the streets with Tessa (my new Dalmatian pup), so please stop for a chat. She’ll do the introduction with a smile and lots of enthusiasm. I’d also like to hear about the good news stories of council’s services.

What’s the best thing about the Onkaparinga region?

Our diversity. We have 31 kilometres of magic coastline offering swimming, fishing, boating, sailing, diving, surfing and windsurfing experiences. Two-thirds of our region is rural, with some of the best wineries, craft beer breweries, bakeries and restaurants in Australia.

What about our historical townships of Clarendon, old Noarlunga and Willunga; and the lovely rural communities of Cherry Gardens, Kangarilla, McLaren Flat and Blewitt Springs to enjoy after travelling through Coromandel Valley on your journey? If you like the great outdoors, go walking or bike riding along our many trails, or camping, climbing and hiking in the Onkaparinga River National Park. Put the kayak on the roof of your car and go for paddle in the Onkaparinga estuary, remembering—by the end of this year—you can do the same at the Happy Valley Reservoir.

Don’t forget our five golf courses. If out with the children/grandkids, then please drop into Jubilee Park for some fun times. Does the Barossa Valley or Yorke Peninsula have that diversity? So, go south, go local and most importantly enjoy. It’s all so close to home!