The Heart of Industry

New public art piece titled The Heart of Industry.

Artists: Trevor Wren and Danica Gacesa-McLean

The McLaren Vale region has been producing fine wines since 1838.

Over the past 180 years grapevine cultivation methods in the area have become progressive and environmentally sustainable.

Modern stainless steel equipment, machinery and storage facilities have displaced the use of traditional oak grape presses and barrels, especially for white wine production.

The main grape varieties grown in the McLaren Vale region are Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache and Chardonnay.

Conceptually our public art sculpture is based upon a rather small but essential ingredient at the heart of wine production, the humble grape!

As you drive by or walk around the sculpture’s supporting tripod structure it changes shape.

Outlines of the shape of wine glass, and many other shapes have the potential to inspire the imagination.

This work celebrates McLaren Vale as the heart of the South Australian wine industry, referencing both the organic and industrial processes of the wine making process. It is an iconic new public art work which will encourage people to stop and enjoy all that the Main street has to offer.

The project is funded by the inaugural Significant Public Art Grant which is awarded biennially by the City of Onkaparinga. 


Corner of Hewitt Drive and Main Road., McLaren Vale 5171  View Map

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