Artist: Seb Humphreys 2021
Materials: Mild Steel, paint
Site: Niipu-Niipu Wama/Morton Park, cnr Morton and Flaxmill roads, Christie Downs

Words from Artist:

Originally an experiment in 3 dimensional drawing, and now realised as a play sculpture, the Flowbars is a multifaceted project investigating movement, sculpture and self-actualisation.

Aesthetically the Flowbars connects with our biological lineage, moving through space in an abstract curving formation, it appears to have grown rather been made. This organic composition invites movement and engagement through its space, opening up vast potential as a climbing and free flowing play apparatus. Questioning the status quo of traditional play structures, the Flowbars seeks to enhance movement autonomy and creative navigational decision making with its emphasis on non-linear natural forms.  





Niipu-Niipu Wama/Morton Park, cnr Morton and Flaxmill Roads, Christie Downs 5164  View Map

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