Corn Street art trail

Council commissioned Ivan Rehorek, Caroline Rehorek, Frey Micklethwait, Doris Unger to design and install permanent artworks along Corn Street.

A series of images have been installed to 16 of the 18 stobie poles along with two sculptural forms installed on the creek bridge verge, reflecting the eclectic character of the street.

Artwork themes include the passage of time, the relaxed rhythm of country living, wildlife, pairing inside/outside imagery, framing exteriors with window-shapes, and leading the eye into garden gates and pathways.

The artists have used a combination of painting and mosaic to produce the  stobie pole artwork. Their techniques have produced an original and vibrant collection of artworks that have enhanced Corn Street as well as the region.

Queries can be made to the Public Art Project Officer on 8301 7327.


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