Hazardous waste

Need to get rid of unwanted paint tins, batteries, chemicals, and other hazardous household waste for FREE? You'll be pleased to know that there are now 2 permanent drop off sites open 7 days a week.


Adelaide Waste and Recycling Centre
181 Morphett Road, North Plympton 

Open hours: Monday to Friday 7am–4pm, Saturday 8am–3pm, Sunday 10am–3pm


Heathfield Resource Recovery Centre
32 Scott Creek Road, Heathfield

Open hours: Monday to Friday 7.30am–4pm, weekends 9am–4pm.

What do they accept?

Hazardous waste products are banned from landfill and require special disposal processing. These include:

  • garden chemicals – pesticides,herbicides and fungicides
  • insect repellents and rat poison
  • cleaners – oven cleaner, toilet cleaner, bleach, ammonia and furniture polish
  • automotive products – fuel, oils, lubricants and degreasers
  • home improvement products – paints*, thinners and adhesives, batteries, and pool chlorine.

Please note: NO decanting allowed on site. Use original containers where possible.

*Paint can also be dropped off at Hackham Recyclers for free as part of the national Paintback program.

For more information visit www.greenindustries.sa.gov.au/hazwaste

View our online Recycling & Disposal Guide for safe disposal of unwanted items.