Letter to the Editor from Mayor Erin Thompson

Published on 22 August 2019

This week’s coverage of the City of Onkaparinga’s draft social media and media policy unfortunately contained a number of factual errors.

The suggestion that this council wants to “gag” elected members, could not be further from the truth.

Elected Members are free to say whatever they wish, and are encouraged to do so. They are just asked to make it clear that they are providing their personal opinion and not speaking on behalf of their fellow elected members or the council administration.

The draft policy was to be presented at a Council meeting this week, however it’s been deferred to a workshop so we can further discuss the policy with elected members and clarify its intent.

This workshop will be open to the public, and when the final revisions to the policy are made, it will be presented, in public, at a future Council meeting for adoption.

So, this is not being discussed “in secret” as claimed by The Advertiser.

There is nothing wrong with any organisation having social media and media policies, and the fact that ongoing conversations about our policy will be held public, demonstrates once again our commitment to open and transparent communication.

Erin Thompson
City of Onkaparinga

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