Graffiti removal

If the graffiti is offensive, please call our Customer Relations team on 8384 0666 or after hours on 8384 0622 to report it immediately.

Graffiti concerns everyone in the community. It is costly, unsightly and makes some people feel unsafe. Our graffiti management program works with residents, community groups and government agencies to reduce graffiti and its impact.

Graffiti vandalism on your property is a crime. In the first instance, report to SA Police on 131 444.

Request graffiti removal

On your property

We provide:

  • free removal from your property boundary for those deemed to be of ill health, with a disability, or who are frail aged
  • free removal from your property boundary, at council’s discretion, for the first reported graffiti, then regulated volumes of free materials for you to remove future graffiti from your property
  • subsidised removal for businesses. 

On council property

We provide graffiti removal on council property including buildings, signage, roads, bus stops, public toilets, playgrounds and park furniture, etc.

On other utilities

For graffiti on the property of the Department for Infrastructure and Transport (DIT) roads and rail, such as:

  • signage
  • sound barriers
  • guide posts
  • regulatory signs
  • rail bridges

which are located on main roads:

  • South Road
  • Victor Harbor Road
  • Kangarilla Road
  • Kenihans Road
  • Main Road, Coromandel Valley
  • Maslin Beach Road
  • Panalatinga Road
  • Chandlers Hill Road
  • Black Road
  • Sherriffs Road
  • Southern Expressway
  • Happy Valley Drive
  • River Road
  • Salt Fleet Street
  • Gawler Street
  • Lonsdale Highway
  • Dyson Road
  • Commercial Road

Please contact DIT on 1800 081 313 or email

Some Utilities can be contacted directly for reporting graffiti on their property:

  • SA Power Networks  13 13 66
  • SA Water  8381 0323
  • Telstra  1802 244
  • Australia Post  13 13 18


  Hotline 1800 040 225

Graffiti reward program

The council’s Graffiti Reward Program offers up to $500 for information leading to the successful prosecution of individuals for graffiti vandalism offences.

All information supplied is confidential.


We work very closely with businesses, security companies and the police to identify and apprehend graffiti vandals.

We are involved in:

  • identifying graffiti hot spots
  • undertaking surveillance
  • providing information to SA Police to assist in the apprehension and prosecution of offenders.