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We're kicking off a new initiative, Tree of the Month.  Each month we'll showcase an iconic or beloved tree in Onkaparinga - chosen by you!  

Trees play such an important role, creating more liveable cities and providing environmental benefits by supporting flora and fauna, cleaning the air and protecting us from the heat during our increasingly hot summers - so lets show them some love. 

Is there a tree that's special to you? Maybe its the tree that shades you while you read a book, or the one that's filled with beautiful birds and makes you smile, or is it simply the one that your grandkids climb when they visit.

This is a wonderful opportunity for you to nominate a tree that you think deserves a shout-out.

How it works

  • Complete the online form below to nominate your favourite tree
  • The tree can be located on private or public land (but needs to be visible to passers-by)
  • We'll review the nominations and let you know if your tree has made it as Tree of the Month (or not)
  • Our arborist will take eco-measurements of the winning tree so that we can show the benefits it provides with a winners tree tag
  • We'll meet with you to take a photo and create a special write up for our website and social media - you can choose to be in the photo or not
  • For nominating a winning Tree of the Month you will be gifted 5 State Flora vouchers redeemable for native tube stock. 

Nominate a tree

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Tree of the month winners