Enabling resilient food systems in South Australia

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Sponsored by the Local Government Association Research and Development Grant.

A local food system is everything it takes to get our food from paddock to plate. This includes how our food is grown and produced, processed, packaged and distributed, marketed, sold, consumed and then disposed of.

Why is your local food system important and what can you do right where you are?

We were one of four South Australian councils who hosted an interactive workshop exploring how a healthy and sustainable food system drive climate change action, support local jobs, reduce food waste and connect us as a community.

Check out one of our workshops:

During our workshop, we created this shared vision:

Our Community Food Vision

A healthy, sustainable food system in Onkaparinga:

  • SUPPORTS local food growing and builds skills through food education and training.
  • PROVIDES all people access to fresh, affordable food – no one left behind.
  • ACKNOWLEDGES and understands Kaurna Nation food culture and practices.
  • DIVERTS and reduces food waste from landfill.
  • ENCOURAGES a strong food economy that value our local producers.
  • DEVELOPS better food business models.


Onkaparinga local community food vision final

Artworks by: Laura Wills 

These workshops helped design a toolbox to help local governments enable local resilient food systems in the face of climate risks. 

Find the toolbox here: https://www.saurbanfood.org/planners-toolbox