Bin latches


The bin latch is a simple attachment that offers an opportunity to address the issue of litter from kerbside bins, bins falling over and animals accessing bins. These are predominately caused by open wheelie bin lids.

The bin latch easily attaches to your bin, keeping lids closed and reducing the concerns from windy days or birds attracted to loose rubbish.

After a trial with residents in December 2021 where 100% of residents that responded were happy with the latch and would recommend to others. We are excited to offer these to residents at a subsidised price.

Residents can purchase bin latches from any of our customer service offices. Up to three latches are available at the discounted rate of $7.50 each. Further latches are available at the RRP of $15 each.

The latches attach to the handle of your bin and then hook over the lip of the bin. They are suitable for red lid waste, yellow lid recycling and green lid organics square style bins.

*NOTE they are not suitable for older style bins*. See FAQ's below for options.

Installation instructions

Installation instructions

Step 1: Place the latch under handle

Place the latch under the lid handle so the square faces the inside of the bin and the hook at the end of the strap faces down.

Step 2: Hook the end through the square loop

Lift both ends of the latch and pass the hook end through the square loop.

Step 3: Pull through

Pull the hook end all the way through and pull firmly to tighten the strap around the handle.

If you’ve done everything correctly the strap will look like the image below and the strap length will pass OVER the side edge of the square loop.

You may see the square loop distort slightly as it is tensioned around the bin handle. This is a good thing as it’s locked on firmly and the S-Flex portion of the strap will be well relaxed (this is the shock absorber of the latch). 

Step 4: Hook under bin lip

Pull the end of the latch down to fit the ‘hook’ on the back of the strap under the lip of the bin.



How many bin latches can I purchase?

Residents can purchase up to 3 latches at the discounted rate of $7.50 each.

Businesses can purchase up to 2 latches at the discounted price of $7.50 each.

Further latches are available at the RRP of $15 each.


How do I attach the bin latches?

The bin latches are affixed to your bin by looping them around the handle of the bin lid.

You can then hook the latch over the lip of the bin to hold it closed. Instructions on how to attach the latch are provided when you purchase the latch. 


How do the bin latches work?

Bin latches are easy to fit using the simple instructions supplied. Once installed, they latch over the lip of the bin to hold the lid closed. During the week when filling your bin you can unlatch them for easy access. Please latch the bin when putting it out at the kerb for collection.

The bin latches use gentle tension to hold the bin lid shut. This will keep the contents of the bin clean and dry by holding the lid closed against the wind and holding the lid closed if the bin falls over. The latch can also keep out unwanted access to the bin by birds and possums. 


Will the bin empty if it is latched close?

Yes, when the bin is lifted and turned upside down for emptying the weight of the contents will open this lid and empty into the truck. If the bin is less than half full, the truck driver may have to shake the bin more thoroughly.

Please Note: If the bin is less than one quarter full, or only has one small bag of rubbish, the weight may not be enough to open the lid when it is lifted.

We recommend only putting your bins out for collection when full.


How long will the bin latches last?

Bin latches have a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. They have been tested for over 20,000 pick-ups without failure. They are durable and have been tested for extreme temperatures between -40°to 50°C.


What bins can I attach the bin latches to?

The bin latches are suitable for new style square Onkaparinga kerbside bins. These include the 140L red lid waste bin, 240L yellow lid recycling bin and 240L green organics bin. They are not suitable for older style bins due to the shape of the lid and the bin body.

If you have an older style recycling or waste bin and would like to upgrade in order to use these latches:

Or call our Customer Relations team on 8384 0666.